"I have had the pleasure of knowing Nance for two years or so. She is very devoted to her pet friends. The play groups she initiated are quite popular. Big and little dogs alike, and each receives her careful attention. My Shih-Tzu is overjoyed when she arrives and comes happily tired out." - Susan Moriarty
"Lolly" Moriarty

"AJ just loves being with Nance and the others dogs. I have total confidence that Nance will take great care of AJ as she has for years. I would and have recommended Nance to my neighbors with dogs." - Peter Barron
"AJ" Barron

"My name is Linda Wilson and I have a service dog Chamois, a beautiful golden retriever and member of our family. Chamois needs a lot of exercise and when I found Nance and her wonderful service with A Faithful Companion she was exactly what we needed. Chamois loves her so much, all I have to do is say Nance is coming today and Chamois will instantly look out the front window and wag her tail until she arrives. Chamois loves the group dog days and her social experience. Nance is such a great and loving person, she has also become a treasured friend of our family. We can tell her great love of dogs and we have total trust in her with our Chamois. Love to A Faithful Companion." - Linda Wilson
"Chamois" Wilson

“Nance is Great! We’ve been using Nance to take care of our dogs for a couple of years now. The best thing about Nance is that we can depend on her to do what she says she’s going to do. When we’re away, we have complete ‘peace of mind’ that our dogs will be well cared for. Before we discovered Nance, we would have to arrange for friends or family to watch our dogs when we were away and we would always worry that they would get too busy and not have the time to do more than just feed them. Not the case with Nance, she treats our dog as if they were hers. In fact, we worry that our dogs actually want us to go away just so they can have fun with Nance! Thanks Nance, for all you do!" Brian Arrington
"Kaya" and "Kraut" Arrington

"Bentley loves going on his weekly romps with Nance and his furry buddies. He gets great exercise and socialization with other dogs. Nance is very committed, flexible and adores Bentley. When we mention "Nance" he gets so excited he stares out the window until she arrives for their next excursion." - Lisa Haux
"Bentley" Haux