"I got my love of animals from my dad. We always had dogs and cats growing up. I was the one who always brought the strays home and asked, “Can we keep her?”

When my cat had kittens and we were trying to find homes for them, I would tell the people, “Bring him back if he cries too much” (unknown to my mom).

I studied to be a veterinary assistant and volunteered at a couple veterinary clinics. I also volunteered at the San Diego Zoo for 2 ½ years, at the CRES (Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species) facility. I soon decided that veterinary work wasn’t exactly what I was looking for and decided I wanted to work with animals in a more positive manner. I worked as an Independent Contractor with a pet sitting company for two years to learn the business and then started my own business, A Faithful Companion.

I love my clients, both the pets and their people!